For the final part 3 of this series, let’s pull it all together.  First, we learned from some excellent McKinsey research that job satisfaction is a huge contributor to an individual’s happiness and life satisfaction.  Makes sense.  Next the data supported that an employee’s job satisfaction is most correlated to a healthy and supportive relationship … Continue reading Satisfaction=Profit

Be a Good Boss!

This is part 2 of a 3-post series regarding the critical role strong and trusted relationships play with employees, retention, and their job satisfaction.  In the first post the data proved that employee relationships with their superiors is paramount to the employee’s life satisfaction.  Drilling down a bit, this next set of data shows very … Continue reading Be a Good Boss!

Virtual Event Platforms – It’s all about the data

Has it truly been six months since we were hit with COVID-19 and the all stop lever was pulled on an entire industry?  In many ways it seems like it was yesterday that we were talking about growing our events, meeting or exceeding our annual budget numbers, and focusing on our biggest risks like security.  … Continue reading Virtual Event Platforms – It’s all about the data