Cybersecurity threats continue to proliferate and affect companies of all sizes. You see it in the news every week. The security industry continues to expand exponentially, hardware and software vendors continue to harden their systems to attacks, and yet bad actors continue to compromise systems and cost organizations billions of dollars annually.

Unfortunately, the realities of creating an appropriate security position cannot solely be based on risk elimination because absolute protection does not exist and costs can be prohibitive. You can mitigate some risks and accept others, but the balance in which you base your decisions has very real consequences to costs and the company’s bottom line.


Since it is impossible to eliminate all cyber risks, just how far should your organization go in securing your assets? Can you quantify the costs to your organization from various kinds of security threats? Do you have security service providers or internal staff recommending a surprisingly large increase in security-related expense? How do you know what is real, what to believe, and just how much is too much or how little is too little?

This is exactly why ClearTone Consulting offers a complimentary Executive Security Assessment. Let us perform a high-level review of your environment, data assets, security position, and security plans to supply your leadership with a documented, objective opinion on cybersecurity program maturity, direction and schedule.

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