Be a Good Boss!

This is part 2 of a 3-post series regarding the critical role strong and trusted relationships play with employees, retention, and their job satisfaction.  In the first post the data proved that employee relationships with their superiors is paramount to the employee’s life satisfaction.  Drilling down a bit, this next set of data shows very … Continue reading Be a Good Boss!

Reskill now

So if the world is not changing fast enough for you here's some additional food for thought. "Retooling" skills has been a fundamental necessity within the IT industry for decades, but it's clear that it is now paramount across all specialty areas. Do you have a documented and clear strategy for retooling skills in all … Continue reading Reskill now

Casual and fine dining recovery from COVID-19

Some very interesting data from McKinsey regarding the public's anxiety of returning to restaurants and how long this recovery may take. Very applicable information to the events and exhibitions industry. I'm surprised there is still so much anxiety for utilization of fast food drive throughs. If you look at your local Chick-fil-a you'd never know … Continue reading Casual and fine dining recovery from COVID-19