Throw the Old Rules Out

I’m not ashamed of admitting it, sometimes the data that comes from McKinsey makes me chuckle.  It’s that intrinsic data-geek thing I have going on, I suppose.  In a recent study, they explored trends that seem to indicate significant change in the management paradigm.  In the included graphic, please note the 2nd bullet in the … Continue reading Throw the Old Rules Out

Gartner’s Top 2021 Technology Trends

I found this article by Garner, Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2021, to be very interesting and will be writing a series of commentary on each of the 9 technologies called out in the report.  Let’s start by addressing the 3 categories that these 9 technologies fall neatly within:  People centricityLocation independenceResilient delivery All 3 … Continue reading Gartner’s Top 2021 Technology Trends

Be a Good Boss!

This is part 2 of a 3-post series regarding the critical role strong and trusted relationships play with employees, retention, and their job satisfaction.  In the first post the data proved that employee relationships with their superiors is paramount to the employee’s life satisfaction.  Drilling down a bit, this next set of data shows very … Continue reading Be a Good Boss!