In today’s world, business is technology. As technology continues to accelerate and change, so too must successful businesses adapt and implement impactful technologies that drive business growth. Every business can be resource constrained at different times and could benefit from additional technology-centric leadership to push critical projects over the finish line. vCio Services offer support for the following types projects and more:

  • Security-related initiatives such as acquiring and implementing new hardening solutions
  • Privacy-related projects such as ensuring data collection, storage, and transmission adheres to law
  • Software development-related projects such as updating a legacy proprietary application based on new web-services platforms
  • Systems-related projects such as implementing a new VoIP phone system or financial system
  • Data Center-related projects such as migrating from a on-prem environment to a cloud provider
  • Resource-related project such as interviewing and building a highly functional team to start a new product development team

Gartner’s 2017 forecast for Small and Medium sized Businesses shows that SMBs don’t shy away from spending money on IT. The Gartner study found:

  • SMBs account for 40% of total IT spending by businesses of all sizes
  • In 2018, SMBs spent $1 trillion on external IT
  • Through 2020, 50% of SMB IT investments will be for business growth not cost reduction

With the critical nature of these complex technology investments, it is imperative that SMBs leverage experienced technology leadership to navigate through the decisions and execution. Whatever the need of your business, ClearTone Consulting can assume a leadership role for the project, provide executive oversight and communications, ensure timelines and budgets are met, select and manage vendors, and build confidence and retention in the core technology team.

Does your organization have a large system integration or implementation scheduled that is stressing your staff? Are you concerned about the opportunity costs associated with large projects?