CISO and Cybersecurity Assessment Services

Cyber-attacks are a growing threat for small and medium-sized organizations, associations, and medical businesses.   Small businesses can be attractive targets because they often lack sufficient security infrastructure making them susceptible to malware and ransomware attacks.  Medical organizations are under attack due to the amount of protected health information they manage. According to a recent U.S. Small Business Administration survey, 88% of small business owners felt their business was vulnerable to a cyber-attack. Additionally, cyber insurance is growing more expensive and more complex to obtain.  Yet even with these concerns, businesses often have limited resources or time to devote to cyber-security or they don’t know where to begin.

Ransomware Cost Estimator

Ransomware is a variant of malware that specifically targets files and systems by encrypting them with a protocol that cannot be broken without the correct decryption key.  Ransomware operators will encrypt files and offer their victim a key in return for payment, typically in untraceable cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

A significant ransomware infection will incur both direct and indirect costs to the victim organization.  Direct costs include, but are not limited to, out of pocket costs to cover engaging security incident response and remediation services, legal services, and the purchase of additional technology to bolster defenses.  The larger portion of costs are indirect costs which can be categorized in two areas:  Loss of productivity from staff (operational loss) and loss in revenue from lost opportunities or lost business (reputational loss).

Product and Software Development Leadership

Software development is a rapidly evolving industry with new development processes, tools, and capabilities continually introduced. Understanding this landscape, building, and supporting an effective engineering team is fundamental to minimizing future tech debt while maximizing speed to market for new products. Knowing how to correctly iterate from a minimal viable product to a fully mature platform while engaging customers within the marketplace along the way to ensure product-market fit is essential for today’s agile product development process.

Automation – Low-code Platform Implementation

Low-code is an application development method that elevates coding from textual to visual.  The current $20B Low-code platform market is projected to grow to over $150B by 2030.

Rather than a technical coding environment, low-code platforms provide a model-driven, drag-and-drop interface. All development skill levels — professional developers, novice developers, subject matter experts, business stakeholders, and decision makers — can use low-code to build value-driven enterprise business applications. 

Benefits of leveraging Low-code for automation projects include:

ClearTone Consulting uses Airtable extensively to support its business and has implemented Airtable and Zapier-based applications for our customers. Common applications include project management systems, inventory systems, ticketing systems and CRM systems.


Cybersecurity for Association Leaders - July 2022

Outsourced CIO

Chief Information Officers make day-to-day technology decisions and provide guidance to executive leadership, the board of directors, and staff within most large corporations. Unfortunately, many smaller businesses are challenged to realize the value and potential of technology because they do not have access to in-house expertise. In the same way businesses rely on attorneys and accountants to act as trusted advisors for critical decisions, an outsourced CIO can provide the same expertise for complex technology issues. Without a CIO, businesses can be challenged to evaluate the costs and benefits of technology, create an Information Technology Strategic Plan that will effectively support their business objectives, and effectively execute IT projects. As your outsourced CIO, we can be your trusted IT business partner.


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Technology Initiative Execution

In today’s world, business is technology. As technology continues to accelerate and change, so too must successful businesses adapt and implement impactful technologies that drive business growth. Every business can be resource constrained and can benefit from additional technology leadership to drive critical projects over the finish line. Project-specific outsourced CIO services offer support for the following types of projects and more:

Event Technology Expertise

Special Offerings

Brian Scott has over 20 years of experience within the events and exhibitions industry. He entered the industry in 2000 as a manager of software engineering for a firm that was developing a virtual tradeshow product. This product and its associated staff were purchased in 2000 by a company that eventually became Experient and later Maritz Global Events.

As CIO for a service provider within the events industry, his time was spent engaging directly with event organizers either through client acquisition activities or customer support. He worked closely with event organizer technical and business leadership to understand their strategic objectives, challenges, and desires so that he could best direct the product development directives and technology teams within Experient/Maritz Global Events to meet market needs.

Brian engaged with trade association event organizers to work through challenges such as:

Brian is named on the first US patent awarded to Experient in 2019 for eventBit(TM), a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) attendee behavioral tracking and intelligence platform. eventBit has been deployed successfully for dozens of customer events, including the AEM’s Con-Expo Con-Agg, the largest tradeshow by square footage in the U.S.

Brian is a member of the Board of Directors for the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) since 2019. He has been a speaker at IAEE Expo Expo as well as PCMA’s Annual Meeting. He has chaired several committees within IAEE and has worked in several task forces to produce valuable content for association members.