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Industry-leading Data Analytics Company Pivots To Develop Insights-as-a-service Product

The Challenge

A Pandemic Pivot to Develop a SaaS Product

Bear Analytics experienced years of success prior to the pandemic, but their recent pivot to a SaaS company has them in true start-up mode. They are agile and the pace is fast.  They’re seizing this opportunity to change the game within the exhibitions industry regarding how value is delivered from analytics of event attendee behavioral data.

As with many smaller, fast-paced companies, their CEO had too much on his plate.  He needed a partner experienced in SaaS product development to validate his assumptions.  He needed someone that was able to move the needle and push to get things done, someone that could identify problems before they happened and help navigate as true a course as possible.  He also needed someone that would bring his own extensive rolodex to the table to provide resources and support in whatever areas that were needed.

The Solution

Leverage Years of CTO Experience

Joe Colangelo, CEO of Bear Analytics, reached out to ClearTone Consulting to seek assistance in this business-critical endeavor.  Brian Scott has 30 years of technology leadership experience and has brought several multimillion-dollar software products to market.  Joe felt confident that Brian’s experience in innovation, product envisioning, software architecture, development process best practices, go-to-market positioning, and software pricing strategies would help him successfully bring a product to market.


“Brian was a difference maker for us. His experience and technology acumen allowed us to make smarter decisions, faster.” – Joe Colangelo, CEO, Bear Analytics

The Impact

Bear IQ Revolutionizes Event Tech Platform Analytics

Bear IQ has revolutionized the concept of business intelligence and data value within the events industry.  Brian was able to help the team envision a market-leading product and was able to structure the development processes into an agile, MVP approach that would help the team win early sales as well as get to market quickly with a product that would scale through the life of the system.  Brian also acted in the role of connector fostering many relationships for Bear Analytics both in the area of customers as well as partnership.

Industry interest has been excellent, and momentum is building as larger brands are now coming to Bear Analytics to understand what they’ve developed.  The future is bright for Bear IQ and the growth of Bear Analytics.

“Brian was a difference maker for us.  His experience and technology acumen allowed us to make smarter decisions, faster.  As a leader, we never have the full gamete of information at our disposal when making strategic decisions.  I valued Brian’s demeanor and mindset when approaching challenges to always cut through the noise to focus on what really matters when moving our business and our technology forward.” – Joe Colangelo, CEO, Bear Analytics