Internationally Recognized Medical Certification Organization


The Organization

Inteleos is an internationally recognized medical certification organization. Each day more than 1.3 million patients across the world are cared for by Inteleos certified medical professionals. Inteleos certifications cover a wide variety of disciplines across 18 medical certifications including diagnostic medical sonography, cardiac MRI, CT, nuclear medicine, vascular medicine, and point-of-care ultrasound. Inteleos is a global non-profit community of over 123,000+ medical professionals united in assuring that patients obtain the highest quality healthcare. For more than 45+ years, Inteleos has defined excellence through quality patient care and certification.

The Challenge

Managing the development and support of the infrastructure for such a vital and respected organization is the responsibility of Juan Sanchez, CIO, and team members such as Will Williams, Manager IT Network and Cloud Infrastructure Support. Juan effectively leverages his team and supplements resources as needed with third-party experts. Recognizing the critical importance of cybersecurity, Juan engaged ClearTone Consulting and its nonprofit-centric cybersecurity service, 501CISO, to work with Will and the internal team, and to provide comprehensive security strategy, roadmap development, project management, and vendor selection services.

The Solution

IT departments, including within nonprofits, face significant challenges in managing the operational demands of their organizations. Inteleos consists of an educated and innovative team of professionals who require a resilient and agile technological infrastructure to “get the job done”. Working closely with Inteleos’ staff, 501CISO acts as a trusted consultant, enabling the organization to meet operational needs while continuously improving their cybersecurity practices. Through thorough risk assessments, roadmap development, and project management services, 501CISO seamlessly integrates into the Inteleos team and provides the security-centric operational framework to continue to elevate its security posture.

“Brian has propelled our team in the right direction to improve our security posture. He understood our aspirations and challenges, helped us develop a strategic roadmap to prioritize our efforts, and has assisted us to achieve great progress in our cybersecurity journey. “

- Will Williams, Manager IT Network and Cloud Infrastructure

The Result

501CISO is dedicated to shouldering the leadership burden of security risk mitigation, allowing Inteleos to navigate the ever-evolving threat landscape with agility. 501CISO is honored to support Inteleos’ admirable and critical mission and remains committed to delivering the highest level of expertise and assistance.