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A virtual or fractional CTO and CIO provides unbiased, trusted advisement to business leaders to help them navigate the complexities of Information Technology, minimize costs, maximize ROI, secure digital assets, and most importantly, develop and execute strategies that will enable them to surpass their competition. A strategic technology leader assists in developing strategic plans, evaluating technology, analyzing costs and benefits, building effective teams, executing initiatives, and helping businesses leverage technology to help grow the bottom line.


Brian’s title at Experient was CIO and he was that and much more. He was a true business partner focusing on driving client solutions and company growth. Brian was recognized by our clients and the industry as being creative and solutions driven and grounded with a business approach to addressing opportunities. Brian and his team continually developed best in class technology products for the meeting, event and tradeshow industry including eventXL and eventBit. Brian is a change agent and would be a welcome addition to any organization looking for a technology leader

Michael Guerriero

Brian is that rare CIO that not only offers a superior technology skill set but also a great business mind. We could always count on Brian to build and maintain a successful IT operation but the additional value he added in driving innovation, in challenging the status quo and being a change agent was icing on the cake. Brian is also a data “geek” and understands the power and impact that data driven insights can have on an organization. Brian was also constantly scanning the horizon for what was to come next which is immensely valuable in today’s world.

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Throw the Old Rules Out
I’m not ashamed of admitting it, sometimes the data that comes from McKinsey makes me chuckle.  It’s that intrinsic data-geek thing I have going on, I suppose.  In a recent study, they explored trends that seem to indicate significant change in the management paradigm.  In the included graphic, please note …
What will stick?
Are you one of those folks that can’t wait until “everything gets back to normal”?  Normal, in this sense, meaning the way that it used to be.  I’m likely not the first person to let you know, that ship has sailed and the old normal is gone.  The folks at …
World-class Digital?
I won’t hide it…I’ve been known to push for change, for faster adoption of new processes or products, and for championing the idea that “fast beats slow” every time.  I found this McKinsey data very telling in support of my message.  I invite you to think about your own organization …

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