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TSNN - Why the Cybercrime Industrial Complex is Targeting the SMB Market

Everywhere we look, from every cybersecurity firm that is monitoring the situation, the data indicate an ever-increasing level of cybercrime activity. Cybercrime is the ultimate Energizer Bunny—it just keeps going and going with increasing volume.

FusionSPAN - Cybersecurity 101

On February 12, 2013, President Obama signed an executive order named “Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity”.  From this directive, the National Institute of Standards and Technology was tasked with the development of what has become the granddaddy of cybersecurity frameworks.

The CIO Hour from 501Works - Hired Guns: Engaging Fractional C-suite Consultants

For mission-driven organizations like associations and non-profits, managing finance, IT, and cyber security can be a daunting challenge. Explore how fractional or part-time experts can help transform these critical areas within your organization.

ASAE - A Few Ways to Improve Your Organization's Cybersecurity

Managing cybersecurity risks is ever-changing and increasing in complexity. But the start of a new year is a good time to assess where things stand. Some ideas for doing the work to protect your association.

TSNN - 5 Pillars for Building Your Cybersecurity Roadmap

On February 12, 2013, Executive Order No. 13636, aptly named “Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity,” was signed by President Obama.

Tradeshow University - Why Phishing is so Dangerous & How to Protect Your Company

We’ve all received Phishing emails. Some are easy to spot, but the bad guys are getting more sophisticated and the emails are looking just like real ones.

Tradeshow University - Cybersecurity and privacy for events and associations

Tradeshow University - Cybersecurity and privacy for events and associations

What are some of the basic mistakes you see associations doing?

TSNN - Evolution, Conglomerate, and Single Function Event Tech Vendors

TSNN - Evolution, Conglomerate, and Single Function Event Tech Vendors

The event tech marketplace is a unique animal, reflecting the industry it serves.

Remote Work and Security for Associations

TSNN - Remote Work and Security for Associations

Since the onset of the pandemic, the FBI has reported cyberattacks to jump by 300%. No, that’s not a fabrication.

TSNN - The Data Future is Already Visible. Can We Get to It?

TSNN - The Data Future is Already Visible.  Can We Get to It?

Some folks can get really caught up in the “grass is always greener” syndrome. I can understand that tendency, of course, as I have my fair share of lawn envy, and I mean that both metaphorically and literally.

CSAE Podcast - Technology Gotchas

CSAE Podcast - Technology Gotchas

Join CSAE in the final episode of a three part series on technology. Today’s episode is all about common gotchas. Our guest, Brian Scott, with ClearTone Consulting has provided us with so many amazing tips.

CSAE Podcast - Cybersecurity - Digital Privacy and the Three Headed Dragon

CSAE Podcast - Cybersecurity - Digital Privacy and the Three Headed Dragon

This episode is about the Three Headed Dragon (Risks of Data): Security, Privacy, and Ownership.

CSAE Podcast - Cybersecurity - What’s Going on Here?

Join the CSAE podcast as we interview Brian Scott with ClearTone Consulting about cybersecurity. This is the first in a three part series.

TSNN - Data Security, Privacy, and Ownership

Long, long ago (2006) in an industry far, far away, Clive Humby, a British mathematician and data science entrepreneur, stated…

Lyceum Podcast

Steve Blair of Lyceum Insurance Services talks about the importance of IT services and management with Brian Scott of ClearTone Consulting…

TSNN - You May Not Know It, But You Are A Tech Company

What exactly defines a “technology company?” Wikipedia says it’s an electronics-based business related to internet-related services, software, yadda yadda…

Eshow Webinar

No doubt you’ve been reading a lot about “digital transformation”. What exactly is this business concept and why is it important for event organizations?

Tradeshow University Podcast

Brian Scott of Cleartone Consulting and Heather Holst-Knudsen of H2K Partners are experts in the technology space in the events industry…

TSNN - Exhibition Industry's Missing Link - Moving Data with Ease

If you and I have a business conversation lasting much more than five minutes, there’s a good chance the subject of data is going to come up…

IAEE - Blog Station - The Times - They are A-Changing

I’d like to bring up a topic that is near and dear to me – change and the current environment for event organizations. There is so much…

CEIR - Digital Transformation is Cultural Transformation

Brian Scott shares what you need to know in order to have an equal balance between cultural change and digital transformation…

TSNN - Data Culture is King

Humans love to measure things and put names to them. We create measurements for individuals such as IQ and EQ as well as…

CEIR Predict 2021

Brian Scott president and chief information officer of ClearTone Consulting, LLC shares good news from CEIR Predict 2021…

Tech Company News - Interview

ClearTone Consulting provides virtual or fractional CIO services to the small and medium-sized business community…

Tradeshow University Podcast

You want to plan a professional virtual trade show, conference, expo or event that needs technology and capabilities far beyond the…

How to Solve Virtual Appointment Problem

Soon after founding Meetaway three years ago, Scott Barnett conducted research for how his platform could work best for conferences…

Data Drives Better Matchmaking

In my last blog post, I discussed how several virtual platforms and standalone matchmaking services tout the promise of…

Technology is Not Magic

I had the honor of facilitating a Buzz Session at IAEE’s Expo Expo 2020 entitled “Going Virtual” — an apropos name…


Digi-transa-data-accela-formation…big fancy buzzword, but what does it mean?

Winning Strategy is IT Strategy

As the pace of change quickens with every year, leadership decisions become even more fundamental to survival. This article by Brian Scott of…

Don't Forget About the Data

A silver lining to digital events that the industry has seen is capturing valuable data on attendee engagement. Brian Scott of ClearTone Consulting shares…

Driving Business Activity through Behavioral Analytics

I believe it’s safe to assume that most business people know at least a little about trade shows, having either been to…

Tales from Paradigm Purgatory

Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, Lean Startup, Lean Thinking, Extreme, Big Bang, V-shaped, Design Thinking, Six Sigma, DevOps, Getting Things Done…


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