ISSA Cybersecurity

Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association Cybersecurity

The Challenge

ISSA, the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association, is a renowned organization at the forefront of advancing the cleaning industry globally. Committed to changing the way the world views cleaning, ISSA enables its members to create cleaner and healthier environments and plays a pivotal role in shaping the industry’s future. Through its offerings of education, networking opportunities, global events, media, advocacy initiatives and more, ISSA empowers cleaning-industry professionals to excel in their work and drive positive change. With an extensive membership base of more than 10,500 organizations in 105 counties and an unwavering commitment to excellence, ISSA is a trusted leader in the cleaning industry.

Managing operational IT demands while maintaining an agile and effective cybersecurity program is a significant challenge for prominent organizations like ISSA. Under the leadership of Lou Centrella, the IT group at ISSA faces constant pressure to support the organization’s operations, including a significant migration to a new Association Management System.

The Solution

To address these demands, ISSA relies on its Managed Service Provider to develop the security strategy and implement essential controls.501CISO observed that many MSP resources are equally strained, making it challenging to maintain focus and attention on the crucial aspects of a comprehensive security program. Without proper oversight and governance, certain areas of cybersecurity may be delayed or overlooked. To bridge this gap, 501CISO’s roadmap, resource management, and vendor selection services directly address the need for dedicated cybersecurity attention and ensure that cybersecurity protections remain a top priority.

By engaging 501CISO’s services, ISSA benefits from a well-documented security program plan and regular status meetings that track the performance of all team members, both internal and third-party. The progress made against the roadmap is promptly demonstrated, providing transparency and clarity on the program’s execution pace. Moreover, the trend reporting offered by the 501CISO CyberRisk-365 tool grants ISSA’s leadership valuable insights into the program’s performance and a clear understanding of the target goals.


"With the continued engagement and guidance from 501CISO, I am able to clearly see the path toward a more secure and stable IT environment. The overall audit provided the roadmap to implement improvements that were long overdue. Each milestone reached will make ISSA stronger for years to come”

– Lou Centrella, Senior Director of Technology at ISSA.

The Outcome

In conclusion, through its partnership with 501CISO, ISSA established a robust security program that addresses the unique challenges of the cleaning industry. With enhanced oversight, dedicated resources, and comprehensive reporting, ISSA can maintain its focus on cybersecurity protections and continue driving excellence within the industry.