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This is the first of a 3-post series regarding the critical role strong and trusted relationships play with employees, retention, and their job satisfaction.  We all intrinsically feel that relationships at work make a big difference in our lives.  The data supports this but also calls out that one’s relationship with management is the most important factor.  Take a minute to think back on superiors you had that you didn’t trust, whom you feared, or believed they weren’t looking out for your best interest.  I know I count those times among my lowest in my career.  According to McKinsey data, job satisfaction makes up 25% of the drivers to life satisfaction.  That’s an average as I believe it’s certainly higher for the “go-getters” out there.  Of that 25%, nearly 40% is based on relationships and nearly all of that 40% is based on relationships with management.  Like it or not, we managers shoulder a massive responsibility to supporting our employee’s life satisfaction. 

In future posts I’ll touch on some of the top factors I believe play the biggest role in supporting these strong relationships, but I’ll go ahead and tip my hand – it’s all about having their back.  The more a boss sees the business world through the eyes of their employees, and fights for decisions to be made that favor both the business and their team members, the more trust the employees will develop and the better relationships will be. #vcio #vitualcio #technologystrategy #technology #strategicleadership #covid19leadership

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