Gartner’s Top 2021 Technology Trends

Gartner’s Top 2021 Technology Trends

I found this article by Garner, Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2021, to be very interesting and will be writing a series of commentary on each of the 9 technologies called out in the report.  Let’s start by addressing the 3 categories that these 9 technologies fall neatly within: 

People centricity
Location independence
Resilient delivery

All 3 of these categories accurately reflect this unprecedented market we’re living through.

People centricity: How quickly we’ve moved from IoT to IoB – The Internet of Behaviors.  It looks like the observation state will continue to build.  Yes, many consumer and corporate benefits can come from such detailed behavioral tracking mechanisms, but as stated in The Human Dilemma, we really need to be careful here as a society.

Location independence:  COVID-19 has forced the fastest and largest worker relocation in history.  Most will say it’s highly unlikely things will ever go back the pre-COVID conditions.  Wow, what a change.

Resilient delivery:  And we all thought the world was volatile before COVID!  Right.  There’s no hiding it.  If you’re an organization unprepared to pivot and adapt faster than others – the end is nigh.

Next up – we’ll do a brief exploration of each of the 9 technologies.

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