World-class Digital?

World-class Digital

I won’t hide it…I’ve been known to push for change, for faster adoption of new processes or products, and for championing the idea that “fast beats slow” every time.  I found this McKinsey data very telling in support of my message.  I invite you to think about your own organization in relation to these stats.  Where do you fall?  If you find that your org falls into the Traditional category, ask yourself these questions:  How will you compete with Leading or World-class organizations?  How long do you have before you’re entirely left behind?  Will continuing to operate the same move your organization into the Leading or World-class category?  If the answers are hard to swallow, it can be a very uncomfortable position.  I recommend that you consider engaging with the right advisors to initiate change for your organization.  In many cases, a fractional CIO or CTO may be exactly what you need.

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