January 19, 2022

Throw the Old Rules Out

I’m not ashamed of admitting it, sometimes the data that comes from McKinsey makes me chuckle.  It’s that intrinsic data-geek thing I have going on,

What will stick?

Are you one of those folks that can’t wait until “everything gets back to normal”?  Normal, in this sense, meaning the way that it used to

World-class Digital?

I won’t hide it…I’ve been known to push for change, for faster adoption of new processes or products, and for championing the idea that “fast

The Changing World of the CIO

According to research by KPMG, 61% CIOs report that IT leaders are more influential as a result of the pandemic crisis.  Given how the nature

Crisis Fatigue

Doing what I love to do…sharing data that captures a concept well. The folks at McKinsey shared a timely article regarding ‘pandemic fatigue’. Where do