For the final part 3 of this series, let’s pull it all together.  First, we learned from some excellent McKinsey research that job satisfaction is a huge contributor to an individual’s happiness and life satisfaction.  Makes sense.  Next the data supported that an employee’s job satisfaction is most correlated to a healthy and supportive relationship with their manager.  Again, likely not a big surprise here, but certainly nice to see supported through data.  Now here’s the kicker.  If having happy people is not enough for an organization to focus on this area, what if it’s proven that supportive managerial relationships actually result in increased customer satisfaction and profitability?  What?!  Ensure your managers are balanced individuals that actively support a people-first culture, investing real time in nurturing the relationships, and your bottom line will be the benefactor!  That sounds like a great way to do business to me and certainly the only kind of company I would ever want to work for.  Here’s the rub.  It doesn’t happen on its own.  It takes formal commitment from the leadership team, and most importantly the head of the organization, to make this a reality.  If we follow the data, seems like a worthy way to spend time!

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